20 Intermediate Pro Tools Tips

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Top 10 Pro Tools Tips for the Newbie is now the most read article on Moozek, and it was also featured on StumbleUpon – whoever submitted it, thanks for the initiative! As a way to thank everyone who suggested slightly more advanced tips after the first 10, here’s a revised compilation of 20 tips – […]

The Best Guitars and Basses Under $500 (GBG Part II)

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As promised, here is a list of reviews of different instruments for different styles and tastes. These instruments are what we consider to be today’s best options for inexpensive, quality guitars and basses. Either you’re buying your first or 50th guitar, be sure to check out the options on this list – some are amazing […]

Guitar Buyer’s Guide (GBG Part I)

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Buying the perfect guitar without killing your bank account has been increasingly easier, and I guess we all owe that to a lot of market competition. But that also means people need to be a lot more careful when picking their axe: I still see a lot of folks spending their whole savings on something […]

Definitive Guide to Windows Tweaking for Audio

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Microsoft Windows XP is still the number one choice of operating system for DAWs on PC. Yes, it’s worse than Linux (if only we had Pro Tools for Linux), but better than Vista in the part of not being a total memory and CPU hog (you know, kinda like OS X Leopard is now). But […]

Top 10 Pro Tools Tips for the Newbie

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Update: 20 Intermediate Pro Tools Tips now posted! During my years of experience in the field, I’ve had tons of people asking for advice. Specially advice on DAW systems – mainly Pro Tools, because it’s the industry standard  – and because Digital Audio Workstations can get complicated. The tips I keep repeating are rarely heard, […]

“The Loudness War”: Oh Please…

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Everyone in the audio industry by now should have seen the video going around to raise “awareness” for the infamous Loudness War and deterioration of the audio quality during the mastering process nowadays…  No? Well, click and watch… It would be so Google-friendly for us to just post the video, give them an amen, and […]