‘The most profound technologies are those that disappear.’

M Weiser

Hi! I’m Bruno, a Portuguese-American technology designer, director, and writer. 

For twenty years I’ve used my methodology to help Fortune 500 businesses, startups and government agencies solve complex human problems through the art and science of user experience.

"A creative, hard-working individual who gets the job done."
Contributing Editor
"Bruno produced content that was critical to product success. Simply a genius."
Information Developer
"Bruno is a deep thinker and skilled writer. What is particularly notable is his ability to remain open to the ideas of others."
Bestselling Author
"His leadership in design and UX was instrumental to our success and had measurable impacts on retention and engagement."
Customer Experience Leader
"Adds tremendous value, efficiency and professionalism to every project, and is an inspiring, motivating team player."
Marketing Manager
"I got to see not only his enthusiasm and professional demeanor, but also how skilled he was at taking a verbal concept through to a finished design"
Clinical Professor
"A well rounded expert in design and UX. His many contributions took satisfaction levels to new heights."
Head of Support
"Bruno is in a category all his own—a design innovator with a keen eye for balance."
V.P. of Business Development
"I don't see him really ever failing."
Award-winning Composer