‘The most profound technologies are those that disappear.’

M Weiser

I am Bruno Serge, a Portuguese-American designer, executive, and technologist now based in Los Angeles

For 15 years, my user experience work has helped simple digital teams solve complex human problems. 

I promote science-driven design thinking and data-driven decision making in all product development stages.

"Adds tremendous value, efficiency and professionalism to every project, and is an inspiring, motivating team player."
Lori Ruben
Marketing Manager
"I don't see him really ever failing."
Nathan Wang
Music Composer
"Bruno produced content that was critical to product success. Simply a genius."
Angela Payton
Information Developer
"A well rounded expert in design and UX. His many contributions took satisfaction levels to new heights."
Noel Feliciano
Head of Support
"Bruno is in a category all his own—a design innovator with a keen eye for balance."
Mark Greenwell
V.P. of Business Development
"A creative, hard-working individual who gets the job done."
Dermot McGrath
Contributing Editor